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An archive for endangered languages


The Pangloss Collection brings together media resources in under-documented languages. These resources were generally recorded in their natural social environment. They are presented here, in open access, to other researchers as well as to the general public.

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The Pangloss Collection is brought to you by a number of actors – scholars and programmers – linked to CNRS, France's National Center of Scientific Research. It comes with a guarantee of quality, both in terms of scholarly contents and of long-term sustainable archiving. This archive combines several decades of linguistic research with the most up-to-date digital tools.

Thanks to the work of LaCiTO's researchers, but also to the many contributions from our various partners around the world, the Pangloss Collection keeps expanding every year. As of the end of 2016, it contains about 450 hours of audio in more than 130 languages. These correspond to 2669 different recordings, among which 917 are endowed with written annotations (transcriptions and/or translations) – thereby allowing our readers to understand the value of their contents.

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A story in Ubykh
by Georges Dumézil
A sample text:
Why was the house deserted

[lg: Mankon, Nigeria]
A sample video:
Everyday life 4 in Ixcatec 

Motif comparison tool
of selected oral stories

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A music sample:
Song of the rain
[lg: Mwotlap, Vanuatu]

Online dictionary of Khaling