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je˧pʰi˧-jɤ#˥ noun Tone: #H.
From: Chinese 鸦片 . Etym: 鸦片; jɤ˧. Opium is smoked, like tobacco. In Na, it was borrowed as 'opium tobacco'. The word for 'tobacco', /jɤ˧/, is likely to be a Chinese borrowing too, but by the time the word 'opium' was borrowed, it was most probably not perceived as a loanword anymore, and could assist the interpretation of the new loanword, 'opium'. opium. 鸦片( 借词) . food.
je˩ʐe˧ noun Tone: LM.
classifier: From: Chinese 洋人 . 洋人::Westerner. 洋人( 借词) . ethnic groups.