The island of the Dancing SpiritsL'île des Esprits dansants (fr)

This myth tells the origin of the “Tamate” headdresses that are worn during certain ritual dances on Vanikoro. These characteristic headdresses are unique to Vanikoro in their shape and colour; but they are reminiscent of the ritual headdresses that are worn in the nearby islands of northern Vanuatu, in the south. s1–s22 – Once upon a time, a married couple left Vanikoro on their sailing canoe. They sailed northwest to Utupua, where they spent a few months with their relatives. When the winds finally blew southeast again, they embarked to return home. s23–s52 – But they missed their island, and went too far southeast… till they found a mysterious islet named “Veluko”. They were welcomed by the islanders – human-like godly creatures called Tamate. The couple stayed with them for a few months, witnessing the beautiful dances of these spiritual creatures. s53–s93 – When the winds blew finally northwest again, the couple decided to return home; but they took with them five of these Tamate creatures. When they finally landed again on Vanikoro, the couple hid the Tamate in a cave for a few weeks. s94–s149 – The couple organised a large dancing festival on the island of Teanu, which lasted for a whole month. s150–s183 – On the last day of the festival, they gathered all their countrymen on the shore, and finally revealed publicly the majestic dances of the Tamate spirits.