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Description d'une journée d'écolier_BUR_1964_023A
doi https://doi.org/10.24397/pangloss-0005433

Extract from recording , from minute 37 to minute 44. Description of a typical day in Meizzi school (Hledan township, Yangon) in 1964, under the Socialist regime. A man is reading a description of the school hours, the pledge of allegiance to the flag, the prayers and the 5 oaths to the nation that children take during the morning assembly, the dining hall, and the different sport activities children can do during their lunch break. Each sentence is repeated twice. "In Meizzi school, the bell rings when it is time to go to class. It is 9.30. All students gather to pray. First, they pay homage, bowing before the Buddha image three times. Then, they recite the prayer Awgatha. They must take the resolution to respect the five Buddhist precepts. They offer flowers and drinking water to the Buddha, and they share their merits [with all creatures by reciting a prayer]. Next, they recite the five commitments of the youth : 1. We will be loyal to the Burmese nation, the people, the workers, and the natives [from the different ethnic groups that compose the Nation]. 2. We will do our best to become good workers and nurture our fondness for the value of labor. 3. We will be kind to each other, and care for one another. 4. We will endeavor to build and defend the Way towards Socialism. 5. We will promptly carry out the duties and responsibilities given to us. After pledging these five oaths, teachers give recommendations [to the students]. Then, all must go to their classroom. [Everybody] is in class, ready to learn. When morning class is over, it is noon and soon time for lunch. There is no school until 1 p.m. During the break, students whose house is near the school go back home to have lunch. For others, the family brings [their lunch box]. Some stay at school and eat a snack. In the school premises, there is not much space. There is no playground. But in some ways, students play and have fun in the school surroundings. There are different kinds of games. Girls play high jump, jacks, throw stones, jump rope. Boys play tip-cat, top, backgammon, marbles. Boys and girls form two teams to play [what resembles the] bulldog game. At 1 p.m., they go back to classes. [Students] finish school at 3.30 p.m. When they leave their classroom, they must sing patriotic songs and pledge allegiance to the flag. However, there are two many students in certain schools and it is necessary to split [the day] into two [learning] times. Students are divided among the morning classes and the afternoon classes.”