Conversation about the grade system (suqe), and about sorcery

In this interview, Father Jimmy Tiwyōy (?1955–2013) tells us about ancient political powers on Hiw: (s1—s23) ancient stone tombs [qor̄], and magical arrows made of human bones [yiwe]; (s24—s37) the principles of initiation into grade society [suqe] and the special status it gave to ranked men; (s38—s76) the steps taken in grade-taking rituals; (s77—s99) the holy status earned by the Supreme rank [suqer̄ot]; (s100—s142) the ancient wars on Hiw island, and the practice of murders by sorcery [tamët]; (s143—s205) the demise of sorcery killings, following Christianization in the 19th century. ___________