Romanmangan, the fairy from the Other worldLa fée Romanmangan, ou L'impossible rencontre entre les mondes (fr)

This tale narrates how difficult can be the contact between two opposite worlds, the world of the Living and the world of the Dead or Spirits. 1) In the first part, the Spirits come down on earth: - [s1–s85] a human boy meets the fairy Romanmangan, and eventually marries her; - [s86–s147] but their marriage fails, as the husband becomes violent and jealous, resulting in Romanmangan's suicide. 2) In the second part, the Living attempt to reach the realm of the Dead: - [s148–s189] Romanmangan's orphan son tries to take back her deceased to the realm of the Living, - [s190–s212] but the strategy fails again, in such a way that the fairy Romanmangan remains with the Dead, and the Living with the Living. _____ See also the presentation in