Romani (Xoraxane, Southern Vlax, Greece)

Glottocode : vlax1238   ISO 639-3 : rmy

Romani in Europe

The European Commission estimates that 6 million Roma reside in the European Union.[1] Although there are no actualized official numbers, it is estimated that more than half of the Roma population speaks Romani, an Indo-European language of the Indic branch. The situation varies greatly as Romani is spoken by the majority of Roma in several Central European and Balkan countries, but has long been abandoned in favor of majority languages in the Scandinavian countries, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Portugal where revitalization efforts are ongoing. Yet in other settings, the process of language shift is currently taking place as, for example, among Muslim Roma living in Greek Thrace (Adamou 2010). A common denominator is that Romani is a minority language in all these settings and that Roma typically use the language(s) of the majority population.

Official recognition of Romani as a minority language has been rare in the past, with the earliest and most noteworthy efforts in the Soviet Union from 1928 to 1936. Over the last forty years, however, this situation has changed and numerous European states, transnational institutions like the Council of Europe, foundations, and associations, whether local or transnational, became engaged into the language policy and planning of Romani.

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