Khaling is spoken in a number of villages in Solukhumbu district, with the data here coming from the villages of Phuleli and Kanku. The speaker population is vibrant with children learning the language, leading to a speaker population estimated at around 10,000 individuals.


DOI Type Transcription(s) Duration Title Researcher(s) Speaker(s)
doi 00:17:42 Solme Lamalit Lahaussois, Aimée Dhan Maya
doi 00:21:50 Solme Lamalit Lahaussois, Aimée Dhana
doi 00:20:17 Origin Lahaussois, Aimée Dhana
doi 00:17:42 Khakcalop Lahaussois, Aimée Dhana
doi 00:07:35 Khakcalop Lahaussois, Aimée Lal Bahadur
doi 00:03:21 House building Lahaussois, Aimée Bijiame
doi 00:15:48 Khamnime Lahaussois, Aimée Purna
doi 00:10:08 Khamnime Lahaussois, Aimée Bijiame